Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Short Film - "Welcome home"

Here's my new short film! So happy to share it! I was in my apartment one day and was really bored and decided to film something. I couldn't find anyone to help me with the camera work so I just tried shooting it myself until someone was available to help. But then as I was shooting I thought I'd might just challenge myself and see if I could it alone. The experience was awesome!

It's a story of all the things that we find annoying about having a roommate and how we constantly play the game of who has the last laugh! I hope you enjoy!!


  1. Camera work was done by you alone? That's impressive. I wonder how many takes it took to get some of those shots to be perfect.

  2. ★★★★★
    Dan is so AMAZING!!! I don't know what to say, I'm so impressed!!! Congrats, you are very very talented. You are a genious really. So creative, keep on making videos like these, they are pieces of art!
    I hope someone from Hollywood will notice this and all your others & be smart enough to cast you on a project! You deserve it so much.
    And nice song selection with the WAR song. Btw totally random but keep your hair like you have them now, you look better this way! Haha... It's hard to believe that you are capable of so many things!
    PS: My fave Madonna dancer! That means a lot since they've been so many all these years! LOL! I hope to collaborate again with her!

  3. Congratulations on your viral video!

  4. I enjoyed this alot. Your production skills are amazing and you know how to choose really good angles. As someone who also does production you have a gift and please make more videos, your are very talented

  5. this is one of the best things I've ever seen, associated with bboying!

  6. excelente video, me ha gustado mucho

  7. I love this video. You' re so amazing and talented *o*. And the music is really good I will use it to cheer me up when it 's "cleaning time".

  8. I think it's really cool, watched it like 30 times already lol

  9. Pretty impressive for a one-man production! You're extremely talented. I'm so blogrolling ya. :)

  10. That's so funny lol I like your story XD

  11. wow, i dont know what else to say. i am in love!

  12. I totally love it, I just recently found out who you are, started to watch some of your bboy battles and your short movies, and I think you are a very inspiring and talented guy. So lets just say, i'm your new Fan :)
    xoxo from Poland

  13. You're truely amazing! I first noticed you and your work, dancing an all, a few hours ago and i just want to say thank you. You inspire me! Thanks for being such an creative, talented, beautiful person! You are really great and i hope that you never forget that!

    Thank you!
    Lots of love from Sweden! :)

  14. hehe..hey this is amazing and your really talented. Good luck with everthing!

  15. Your video is very fun, great creation :)
    I like it much

  16. are amazing and so talented and so creative...i am quite literally speechless by your awesomeness...keep up the good work ;-) x x x

  17. hi great job i will like to talk with you something about dance and all arts i am a student at arhitecture but dance is my life but where i live you don't have where to do this anyway i will like to talk a few minutes with you about arts ...if you are able ;)

  18. This is a really creative video. hah made me smile a bit. lovely! <3

  19. Hi~
    I am your fance.Joy.
    I watched {Step Up2}
    You are cool!!
    I love to dance,too.
    My blog:

  20. Love it ^^

    I watched step up 3d in the cinema and loved your part in dancing in the park-scene, and then I just had to find out more about you, so I googled you :P Haha

    I just have to say that honestly I didn't like the movie, although the dancing was great. The best dancers didn't always win though...

    The reason that Im posting this is actually to thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I made alot of changes in my bedroom today, and I couldn't have done it without your video "welcome home"
    I danced around, although Im not a good dancer xD - But I think you just saved my parents alot of stress because of my room :P

    From a little fan in Norway!
    Ps: loved the part where your dog tipped you over in another movie you have posted

  21. me encanto!!! esta en mis favoritos en YT, saludos desde México

  22. I saw you on Step Up 3D ! x') i was so sad you were not there during the middle of the film u_u
    However, I LOVED YOU !
    And I love your short film, ewpecially when you kiss the broomstick ! x')

    Lily, paris ~

  23. Enhorabuena, super trabajo. Uf! Could you be my Christmas gift?
    Abrazos desde España,



    For you video in your blog to resize the vidéo puts 500 and 320

  25. Simple idea and you made it so much fun.
    love your move,, and you're so funny :)
    thanks for make me smile today ;)

  26. man .. I love your work ..
    follow you since the madonna
    and even now with shakira.!

    simply fabulous!
    I hope one day to meet you
    and exchange ideas on high
    dance ... which is also my passion!


  27. Our you're awesome, super creative. Keep doing these impressive videos.
    I'm your fan ..

  28. Hello Cloud, please look at this ! I hope that you will like it :)
    I love your work <3
    *Une grande fan* ;)

  29. this video was sweet as hell, but duude you gotta update!

  30. Hi Cloud! I was so impressed with this video! Im waiting for ur video again! I hope to meet u and learn some stuffs.... Dreams come true right?

  31. Cool video, like your every videos:)) I just saw u in stepup 3 movie and now I have checked your material, just want to say that you rock and your amazing dancer!Huh, you inspired me to really start dancing.
    Sorry for my bad english:) T. elina from Finland:)

  32. It's amazing, you're so talented, funny, charming and very charismatic, I believe that you will achieve great heights =* =)P.S. Sorry for mistakes))

  33. I can't decide whether it's the fact that you're cleaning the house, or the way you move, or if it's just you in general that make this video so beautiful :) haha

  34. Very nicely done.. You have such a distinctive style, I cannot compare you to any other modern dancer :) Superb :)

  35. I saw you in Step up 3, very nice work. Your moves are amazing, you really born to this.
    I saw yours videos, I laughed so loudly in the bowling, much much fun.
    Well, your are amazing, congratulations.
    A brazilian fan.
    By the way, your are verry cute. XD
    (Sorry, my english)

  36. Hello,
    We organize the 7th edition of the Urban Film Festival in Paris in December.
    We have seen some of your videos and we are very interested to propose them to the selection committee for the projections.
    If you are interested you can email us for the attached form.
    I remain at your disposal.

    Thank you

  37. Could I call you to clean my room? ;) nice, really!

  38. it's really amazing!)) And it's very good that you exist)) Good luck!

  39. hy daniel...
    i luv ur videos and dance...i dnt know nything about bloggin and stuff...i joined in just to see ur videos and dance and would go nywhere 4 u...i luv u...
    waiting badly for ur next blog!!!

  40. I really like's great! ;)

  41. that's funny! and a really good recording :)

  42. As someone who has ended up doing this sort of clean up job herself any number of times for people who don't get the whole shared responsibility thing, you have NO IDEA how much I enjoyed watching this, on so many levels. You make cleaning look like fun -- and you've shown here that some guys CAN and DO clean under carpets. Well done. I've shared this with friends all over the world and they all love it too.

  43. Hello Cloud, I dont expect you to but please could you answer....?
    I'm now a 17 year old girl and just I think one week ago I found your videos on the internet and fell in love with how you dance.
    I would love to dance, to experience my body as a whole.... but I'm scared.... what if I can't express myself? What if it is already too late for me?
    And what if I can't live with only my talent?
    If you like to answer, please send me a mail on

  44. Great video and funny too! I just came back to Athens from Kalamata, where I enjoyed your Tedx talk-performance! You couldn't have been more successful to describe why we put limits to ourselves.
    Hope to enjoy your dance performance in Athens again soon!

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